Being the quality of the services and the full satisfaction of our customers the main concerns of Somalia, we offer to offer them a “full service”, from the creation / Design of the ordered collections of clothes up to the article’s distribution.

One of the most important actions of this company was to create a textile group with specialization in the different textile areas such as stamping, embroidery, circular knitting, dyeing and washing, together with a number of neighbouring companies. This way, Somalia ensures a flexible and fast production schedule with production times of 6 to 7 weeks while ensuring minimum quality deviations.


We have a modeling team that develops computer molds using the Lectra system. Subsequently, studies are carried out on cutting plans to maximize and optimize the consumption of raw materials in the cutting sector, also assisted by the Lectra system.



The clothing sector is the area where the articles are made and finished. This section is divided into two parts: the production section, which is organized in lines and sampling, for a faster and more efficient response.


Quality Control

The quality control is started in the cutting process and is monitored throughout the entire production stages, to ensure the total quality of the articles.

Here you will find an experienced and competent sales team responsible for the developments of prototypes, collections and productions.



The distribution of the articles is customized in the places and the dates intended by our clients.

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